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Workshops 1 and 2 are offered together or individually. For workshop 3 is preferably delivered after Workshop 2 or at least a pre-enlarging session. This is because you need to get familiar with basic darkroom techniques.

Each workshop can be delivered for no more than 2 ppl.

Would you like to learn all about Film Photography? Or just refresh all the info you already know!

Sign in or give it as a gift a film photo workshop.

You will be introduced to the most important and basic aspects of film photography. The session will teach you how to operate the various features of your film camera so you can start saving memories and enjoying the process.

It is not too different from digital photography, it is the base of it, so be prepared to discover photography on its more experimental form and don’t be afraid of mistakes.


– Basics of Film Photography

– Shutter Speed / Exposure

– Aperture / Depth of FieldFocal

– ASA and types of film

– Colour or Black and White?

Step 1 - Let the Film Fun begin

We will cover all the basics! In this part I help you to get familiar with your camera, understand how film works and what type of films there are in the market.
Includes 2 BW 35 mm roll


Workshop 2 - Developing

On this part you will learn to develop your own roll. We will talk about chemicals, emulsions, and I will walk you step by step to develop your own film in black and white.
Includes a black and white 35mm and chemicals, and all processing material.


Workshop 3 - Enlarge & Print

You are ready to enlarge your favourite pics! We will create a contact sheet, pick a favourite and things get real when you see your photo on paper!
All material included.



How long does it take each workshop?

Do I need a film camera?

What happens if I already know the basics?

Can I invite a friend or family to do the workshop with me?

Can I gift these workshops to someone?


How long does it take each workshop?

Time goes between 4 to 6 hrs, and can be divided in two or more sessions depending the level of workshop you are interested in.
Step 1 can be divided in 4 sessions of one hour each, or tow sessions of two hours.
Workshop 2 is a four hrs session and only can be divided in two sessions of two hours each.
Workshop 3 can take up to 6 hours and has to be done in only one session.

Do I need a film camera?

Yes, you must have a film camera. If you do not count with one I can help you to get one. I always have reusable point and shoot cameras or inexpensive SLR cameras.

What happens if I already know the basics?

If you already have some experience with film photography we can just jump to level two or three. We will cover that part at the very beginning, I tailor up each workshop to the needs of each client.

Can I invite a friend or family to do the workshop with me?

Yes! This workshop can be taken for two people at the same time.
Only Step 1 workshop can be taken by 4 people at a time. Workshops 2 and 3 are designed for just one to two people.

Can I gift these workshops to someone?

Absolutely! This is a perfect gift for the young ones. Anybody from 12 years old can enjoy these workshops.

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