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Located in the beautiful Elk Valley, AllChromes Film Lab is a boutique lab that has been offering film and digitizing services both locally and across Canada.

We find immense joy in assisting individuals as they delve into vintage aesthetics and age-old photography techniques, rekindling connections with the past and breathing new life into cherished memories.

You may be curious about our name - here's a little backstory. In the world of photography, color spaces such as RGB, AdobeRGB, CMYK, etc., group colors. Before the advent of scanning or digitizing images, a color space known as Etka Space was developed to categorize the hues derived from film.

Fast forward to today, we have the luxury of advanced technology, high-end scanners, full-frame, and mirrorless cameras that enable us to produce digital images from chemical photography.

At AllChromes Film Lab, we strive to embrace what modern technology offers, yet maintain our passion for film. Our mission is to assist photographers in crafting the dreamy vintage looks that only film can offer. Thus, the name 'AllChromes' aptly reflects our objective and ethos.

AllChromes Film Lab is a proud venture under the umbrella of Gabbi Escobar Photography Studio. We look forward to serving you!

What is important for us?

The quality of Film Photography

Film photography holds a timeless allure, demanding patience, precision, and a discerning eye.

Every frame is valuable, making each shot a carefully composed piece of art.

With its unique grain, color, and depth, film lends each photograph a distinctive soul. The hands-on process of developing film further enriches its appeal.

At AllChromes Film Lab, we're not just reminiscing about the past; we are celebrating the distinct beauty and charm of film in every frame we process.

Learning trough Film Photography

We strongly believe in the power of community and the importance of shared learning, especially in the craft of film photography. We aim to create a welcoming space where enthusiasts at all levels can explore, learn, and deepen their understanding of film processes. Whether you are a novice eager to delve into the world of film, or a seasoned pro seeking to refine your skills, we're here to support your journey. Our goal is to nurture a community that encourages growth, fosters creativity, and shares the profound joy of crafting images through film.

Support and create Locally

We are deeply committed to nurturing our local creative community and promoting sustainable practices. We believe in the power of 'local', which is why we actively support local artists and creators, championing their work and helping them shine. In addition, we proudly source our chemicals locally within Canada. This not only ensures the highest quality in our development results but also guarantees a consistent supply of raw materials for film processing. By choosing locally produced resources, we are able to continue delivering exceptional services without interruption, while also contributing to our local economy. It's our way of ensuring quality, reliability, and supporting our community - because local matters.

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