Hi and Welcome!

AllChromes Film Lab is a small lab located in the Elk Valley, we have been providing film and digitizing services for the valley and across Canada.

We are very happy to help people to create new experiences through vintage looks and old photography techniques, 'dusting off' some memories and their connection with the past.

...And, here is a bit of explanation of the name...

Color Spaces help to group colours, these are known as RGB, AdobeRGB, CMYK, etc. In the past, photographers did not have the option to scan or digitize images, so a Colour Space named Etka Space was created to group the colours that came from film. 

Today we have very advanced technology, high-end scanners, full frame, and mirrorless cameras, that can help us to digitally produce images from chemical photography. 

One of the Lab's objectives is to take advantage of what technology offers today, with the goal to shoot on film, and help photographers to create dreamy vintage looks.

This is the reason the Lab was named AllChromes.

AllChromes Film Lab is a project under the Gabbi Escobar Photography Studio.